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We are a trusted service provider to Austin and the surrounding areas. We not only provide service to local high-end dealerships, but provide outstanding service to our retail customers. We have never had a complaint against us. We are a member of the BBB. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible workmanship and to ensure that you are a repeat customer.

Why are Dent Busters' repairs of small dents and dings better than traditional auto body techniques?
Dent Busters specializes in paintless dent repair. This technique is better than traditional body work because there is no use of sanding, body fillers, or paint. This is very important at trade-in time since repainting can significantly lower the resale value of your car. Additionally, paintless dent repair can help you avoid the costly penalties often incurred at lease turnback time.

How does Dent Busters' repair method work?
Paintless dent repair is based upon long-established and time-proven metal working techniques that have been specifically adapted to repair dents on the painted surfaces of automobiles. Dent Busters technicians use customized hand tools applying pressure and leverage to work the dents out from underneath.

Can Dent Busters remove any dent?
Dent Busters can repair minor dents on all steel and aluminum surfaces of your automobile, including hood, roof, trunk, doors, and fenders. Even creases and dents on body lines can be repaired. The process is ideal for repairing hail damage. Unfortunately Dent Busters cannot repair collision damage or dents so deep and sharp that the metal is badly stretched.

How long does paintless dent repair take?
Typical repairs can be performed in less than a day. In many cases, you can wait while your car is being repaired.

How much does a Dent Busters' repair cost?
This is the best part. Dent Busters repairs generally cost significantly less than traditional body work and are honored by all insurance companies.

Will the repairs be visible when you're done?
Your dent should completely disappear, unless we advise you otherwise. Once repaired, your dents will never reappear.

Can paintless dent repair harm the finish of my car?
No, paintless dent repair uses no abrasives which could harm the factory finish of your car.

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The Austin Dent Repair Service for Perfect Dent Removal

The professionals at the Austin Dent Repair Service center know that you enjoy a sharp looking car. To keep it in good running condition you probably take it to someone for auto repair or perhaps you do car repair yourself. As a car owner, keeping up with routine maintenance such as regular oil changes, tire rotation and fluid level checks is important. The interior cleaning of the vehicle is also a very important task that should be done regularly. A clean car with that gleaming pristine finish is a beautiful sight. The Austin Dent Repair Service will keep the finish on your car in perfect condition. If your car has a tiny scratch to refinish or a major body repair with dent removal they can do the job. The experts at your area Austin Dent Repair Service will do a great job of making that damage disappear.

Ugly dents and scratches are not only irritating but lower the value of your vehicle and your Austin Dent Repair Service knows this. Marring a vehicle is unfortunately easy to do. Stones, dirt, and debris falling out on to the road can be kicked up by the car in front of you causing a dent or scratch on your vehicle. Occasionally the blemishes don’t even show up until you are washing or waxing your car. By the time you notice the damage rust could already be starting to work its way into the metal of your car. It’s just the nature of unpainted metal to corrode, so even though you don’t see rust, rest assured, it will develop. You should call the body repair and dent removal professionals at Austin Dent Repair Service before extensive repairs are needed.

After A Car Accident Call the Austin Dent Repair Service

Your Austin Dent Repair Service can get your car repaired from comprehensive damage and get you back on the road with no signs that the an accident even occurred. Auto repair jobs such as dent removal from dented fenders and smashed trunk lids are tough but can be done expertly by the pros at your Austin Dent Repair Service. In the event of an accident your vehicle will probably need to be towed to a nearby Austin Dent Repair Service where the body repair specialists can assess the damage. An estimate for dent removal and car repair will be explained to you before any work is done. Most of the cost for your auto repair should be absorbed by your auto insurance company.

You can be assured that the well equipped Austin Dent Repair Service is going to be using the best quality parts and products to return the finish on your car to its previous lustrous condition. They will also use the least invasive process for dent removal. Your Austin Dent Repair Service personnel are knowledgeable and highly skilled in the craft of dent removal and auto repair. Painted areas will be flawlessly blended to match existing painted surfaces. The service team might be using OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts or used parts for your car repair. The age of your vehicle and part availability will determine what is used. The Austin Dent Repair Service will explain what replacement parts they’re using and why.

Doing body repair and dent removal caused from impact damage the Austin Dent Repair Service will use service manuals, computer data, and specialized tools to locate and measure specific points of your vehicle. The tools used are designed for specific types of auto body repair and are precise to meet your car’s measurements for exact fit. During the thorough examination your car will receive, damage that is not obvious on the exterior may be found. You will be made aware of new found problems in your body repair job as soon as they are noticed. Damage to the frame of your car will affect its performance and safety and your Austin Dent Repair Service will detect this. After the damage is estimated your insurance company and you will receive a copy of the job description and the cost of your car repair.

The body repair professionals at the Austin Dent Repair Service are experienced in all aspects of auto repair. They must follow specific safety standards and practices due to the nature of their work. Auto repair personnel work with an array of harmful solvents that help them in doing different cleaning of some engine parts or metal body parts. These chemicals if splashed onto exposed skin, into the eyes or inhaled can cause serious damage. The body repair personnel at the Austin Dent Repair Service have all the necessary equipment for a safe work place. The paint booth is significantly important. The paint booth is an area that needs to be clean and dust free because fine dust particles can ruin a new paint job. Depending on what season paint is applied, temperature and humidity may be controlled.

When the car’s body repair is done at the Austin Dent Repair Service it will look good as new. Your Austin Dent Repair Service will have your body repair and dent removal completed when promised. It is their commitment to satisfy you the customer. If you have any questions about your dent removal and body repair feel free to ask and the professionals will be glad to help. The Austin Dent Repair Service is a long term establishment where the team strives to get you back on the road quickly.


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